Upload php script

Retrieving full path of file on upload to php script – PHP Development

9 posts – 4 authors
How do I retrieve the full path (C:\…..filename) of a file uploaded to a php script on the server. I think $_FILES will only provide ‘name’ which is only the

filename …

php – How would I change a photo gallery upload script to allow for …

5 answers – 25 Mar
I currently have a PHP script that allows a user to upload one image … I think you would get more responses by blueimp fileupload rephrashing your question. But… i …

jquery plugin ‘uploadify’ – Way to return a

response from upload script?

4 answers – 31 Oct 2010
$(document).ready(function() { $(‘#sampleFile’).uploadify({ ‘uploader’: ‘include/uploadify/ ‘ ‘script’: ‘add_list.php’ ‘scriptData’: …

How can I upload an image file to a php background script i.e using …

2 answers – 12 Oct 2011
I am trying to upload an image file using ajax to the server. However … Well the quick answer is you can’t. You can’t use AJAX to upload files.

sql – Whats a simple/quick file-upload script programmed in PHP …

1 answer – 6 Oct 2010
I am making a website which gives the user the privilege of uploading … What have you got so far? If you want a better chance of being

answered …

Limit Flex Web App Upload file formats and size (server script PHP …

3 answers – 15 Oct 2009
I have found this great tutorial about uploading files with a Flex app … The FileReference class has a size property. Before sending the file to the …

Recommendations – php image upload script – Stack Overflow

1 answer – 2 Aug 2010
I’m trying to find the best method to upload images onto a server. … /. uses flash and php. also has upload progress bar …

PHP error on youtube upload script. | DaniWeb

Hi I have a PHP error that only occurs when I have a new router attached. I will post the complete code here but it works fine on one router but not another.

php script auto upload to site

i was just thinking if its possible to auto upload to a site that has a log in. i regularly upload torrents and was wondering if its possible.

I have a PHP script for uploading files that is not working

3 posts – 1 author – 2 Mar 2012
I have a PHP script for uploading files that asp.net upload multiple files is not working on WHB hosting but working properly on our other Hosting company… kindly help me …

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